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NFT Artist & Platforms

Top selling NFT artists and platforms for minting NFTs.


Beeple's Every Day that sold for 69 million dollars 



The current king of non-fungible token art. As mentioned above Beeple sold his first 5000 day NFT for 69 million dollars. I would say he set the bar rather high.


NBA Top Shot


Stated as moments from NBA history, these non-fungible tokens run on the Flow blockchain and feature video highlights from top players around the league. These highlights can be purchased in packs found at the link above. The creators of NBA Top Shot are Dapper Labs.   


Crypto Punks


10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership, Crypto Punks were the first "Non-Fungible Tokens" stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They were the inspiration for the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles today. Created by Larvalabs. 



Discover, collect & sell NFT's on the world's first & largest NFT marketplace. A fantastic platform to buy and sell everything from art to domain names. It can show you what NFTs you have stored in your Meta Mask wallet. Super useful site!



 Currently our favorite non-fungible token minting site. Cargo is billed as: The easiest, most powerful way to create, store and sell digital collectibles. We here at, love the option to be on a proof of stake blockchain.



An Ethereum based minting site. While Rarible is pretty easy to mint on it does have its drawbacks, mostly within the search functionality. However it is a great place to get started minting and it works well with Openseas.



 A site on which to track, analyze and discover decentralized applications (dapps). DappRadar is a great resource to find top selling NFTs and Platforms. 



Decentraland is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform where users can purchase, build and monetize virtual reality applications. Users can purchase virtual land in the platform's world which gives them ownership and control over the environment and the applications they create within their land.

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